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Registration server pings each node in the cluster


It is a bit of a problem for individual nodes and workers to find out if a node in the cluster is down, either because the computer running the node is crashing or the node itself is crashing. So I intend to make the registration server ping all nodes in a given interval, perhaps each second. If a node is not responding it is unregistered and all workers will get notification of that through the method Worker.OnRemoteNodeUnregistered(ushort).
The way it works now is this: if a worker sends a message to another worker on a node that is crashed, or just not running, the framework will automatically unregister this node from the cluster. All workers gets notified through the method Worker.OnRemoteNodeUnregistered(ushort).
Thanks to Maneesak Pimsarn for pointing this out.
Closed Jun 5, 2008 at 6:31 PM by fthomsen